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December 22,  2009
Choice Hotel and Reach Joint Marketing Agreement
After some disagreement due to conflicts of interest Choice Hotels and have finally signed a three-year agreement which states that Choice Hotels will be listed on the and siteshe signing was delayed because of issues concerning last-room availability, rate parity, preferential  rates   and  no  lowering  of  commissions. During  the  discussions
leading up to this agreement Expedia's CEO Dara Khoshrowshahi said "Expedia's priority is our customers. We want our customers to be sure that we are offering them the best prices……It is unfortunate for Choice that they do not seem to want to work under these terms….".

Choice Hotel's CEO Stephen P Joyce responded: "We at Choice feel that Expedia are trying to be too controlling regarding pricing and availability. Therefore we cannot accept their offer".

Since these discussions it appears that the two companies have managed to reach an agreement which is "mutually beneficial and enables Choice Hotels to effectively manage themselves," according to Stephen P Joyce.

But what exactly does "mutually beneficial" mean? Neither side is revealing how they managed to finally come to this agreement. Did one of the sides have to make more compromises than the other? And if so what compromises were made? Of course unanswered questions lead to countless rumors but there is nothing concrete and these and many other questions still remain mysteries.
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